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My work progress and diary

Time will tell

Well into the 21st year of trading now and its going ok, cannot belive its been that long since I decided to go self employed and start the business, its been a wonderful ride and I am still on it.

Working down in a place called Five Oak Green at the moment, creating and installing a timber deck, nearly finished.  

Started the year in Rochester, was there for about 4 weeks, it was a garden that backed onto my granddaughters school, so it was good to see her every morning and say hello at break times, the job went very well.

Indian sandstone with ancestry blocks.

Decking though at the moment is more productive than patios, with four jobs in the order book.

On a personal note and being my 21st year time has flown by for me, I am in my 64th year, still fit, healthy and creating gardens is still a passion.   With this comes enough experience to overcome any problems in the work.  

Looking ahead for the rest of the year, well with the start I have had time will tell.

See you all soon!!

Busy time and Great Start

Its wonderful to be busy as this time of year, a great start to 2016, had a large scheme in Rochester to create, spent 4 weeks creating it, it was large after all.

This is just part of it, it also extends up the steps to the back another 6m, and behind me is another 9m.

Its Sandstone paving Colonial Brown from Bradstone, and pointed using 840 Plus Mix

Have just completed a artificial lawn bothe front and back in Rochester as well, this was a total of 47 sq m of grass.

And we have two decking jobs booked as well as others, so a lovely start to the year.

Quote request are starting to come in with already 10 so far this year, may not sound many but its only February and even in the height of summer I get about 24 so not bad for the time of year.

See you all soon!!

The Year

Another week is nearly over, as I have said many times they do go so quick, all ok in MB house, have work booked in for 2016 so all good there, have had a busy and succesful year, have acheived some goals as well.  The group has become a reality, three companies now and all are doing fine.  Not have the final figures but early indications are that one has produced a profit, the tw new ones are planning out equal.  

On a personal note I have acheived one goal, to put on weight, never been over always under, I just burn the food off with the job, but I am heavier and healthy, pleased with that, and blood pressure is very good, spot on according to the doctor, onwards and upwards.

Well as the Christmas season fast approaches, I have the task like most of us, in getting the presents for loved ones, and each year it gets harder and harder.  This year will be a little different as a relative might not be able to have dinner with us as in the past, a sign of getting old I guess. Its a time to think of people no longer with us.  But a time for getting together with the family even for one day.

Whatever you are all doing this Christmas, wherever you may be, and with whom you might be with, I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.

See you all soon!! 


At last we are to start the log cabin timber deck tomorrow, have been looking forward to building this one, the pictures are going to look great.

As I have said in earlier posts the cabin is 5m square.  Handrails and spindles at the front and side.

Been a busy week so far, completing the gillingham garden and carrying out remedial works on two schemes.

Will get some pictures as soon as I can.

See you all soon!!

Getting ready Gillingham

Today we finished the gillingham garden, completed it by about 2pm so all good.

It is now ready for the customer to plant, install a shed and keep the new lawn watered.  The customer is pleased with the result.

We are now getting ready for a large timber deck to be built in Borden nr Sittingbourne, its the one around a log cabin, the cabin itself is large some 5m square and is at the top of the garden.  The view is going to be great.

Have two jobs booked for the new year, worth about 20 per cent of the total years takings so a great start for 2016.

Whatever your week is doing hope its treating you well.

See you all soon!!

20th Year

Hello, wow!! it has been a long time since I have posted on here, too long, so much has go by, I have had the most succesful year, with two companys created one being Peters Decking Services of Medway, and the other Peters Patios Service, they both have had some success and I am looking ahead to next year 2016 with great excitement. 

Jobs are booked in the new year already, so all going well.  Many of my customers have sent me testimonials and have given us great delight.  Working with them all has been great.  

Have changed suppliers recently and I am getting good service from both of them.  May it continue.  

My membership of the Bradstone Assured Approved INstaller scheme has given the firm a great lift, creating trust between my company and our customers.  The areas in which have been the most succesful are Patios and Decking as it has been for many years, Fencing and other works have been plodding along, the one product that has increased is the Artificial Lawns, we have done over half as many again this year than in previous years, I am pleased about that.  This product has growth, excuse the pun, vastly since the suppliers have brought out the classic look of a lawn, with the added enhancement of the brown thatch it looks very realistic.

Going into my 21st Year in 2016 is going to be some personal acheivment, when I started back in 1995 I must admit I did not dream I would be in this position, but through hard work and determniation here we are.  And with the help of some great people MB Gardening and other companies are going from strength to strength.  

See you all soon!!!

Ear Plugs

Spring is in the air, the days at present are getting warmer so a good sign, lets hope it continues.

Sunday morning again and quotes to do, the dinner is in the slow cooker so all is well.

Very Quite day at the moment.

Just heard my granddaughter Amber will be learning the recorder next year, so I guess we alt to stock up on ear plugs.  Bless her!!

See you al soon!!

New site

Have been very busy the last month and into February, and still going strong, 

Quotes are still coming in so all good

Thats about it really except to say I have a new website which is www.mbpavingandgardeningkent.co.uk now I have two sites on the go, I use blogger on the new one.

See you all soon!!


A little walk down memory lane

I have been contacted by many over the years, and have carried out many different tastes for gardens.  From cutting grass in the first two years, went onto hard landscaping and never looked back.   

One of the most memorable schemes was one in sittingbourne where we did a number of things, a patio, artificial turf, picket fencing, and some small jobs, this one turned out to be a good finished scheme, but alas I am still owed £1500 and will never get it, to cut a long story short after many attempts to get paid, the customer is now serving 3 years for fraud at her majesty's pleasure. Good job too. Mind the showers!!

Another good scheme was one in cobham kent, a large paving job with over 400 slabs, a pergola and two large circle paving built into the main works.  A set of steps with brickwork, and a long retaining wall, some 20m. 

So you see its been different all round.  Still going strong.  

Different techniques have been used, some tricks of the trade.  Decking has become extremely popular, the highest one was over 2m off the ground, a set of hand made steps leading up to it was 13 treads high.

Hope you have enjoyed this little walk down memory lane.

See you all soon!!  

1995 it all started

For my blog followers, in 2015 I have been trading for 20 years, been through some good and bad times, a few recessions and loads of muck and shovels.

Countless patios, numerous amounts of timer decks, laid miles of lawns, and installed many gates and built many walls, to name a few items.

Gone through at least 12 pairs of boots, and clothing.  Have had three vehicles, and paid a LARGE amount of tax.  

Have gone through four tower computers and two laptops.  

Its been a pleasure to carry out the work and long may it continue.

See you all soon!!

Shameless Plug

This time of year most of us have the holidays in our minds, I mean the shops have had us in their thoughts since the summer for goodness sake, but take a moment and think about what we could do in the garden for the coming months, loads of things to create and do.

Such as its time to have a clean up, decking, patio, furniture that sort of thing, time to check that fence is still firm in the ground, its not going to collapse if a mild storm will take it off to oblivion.   

If any of these need doing best do them before its too late, its also a great time to think about what you could do for the spring and summer, certainly winter months are a great time for this as most plant life is resting, nothing much is growing so its easier to cut down and create that paving or deck you have always wanted.

If you will permit me, this is where we come in, we can help you to create and build your dream garden, like many of our customers, we have given them a garden to live in and not to run away from.

Give us, your local Bradstone Assured company a ring.  Visit the rest of the site.

See you all soon!!  

Advertising too much

Lewis Hamilton does it again, well done, the england women football team are losing 3 nil to germany, has to be germany.

Been working at Maidstone all week again, and its taking shape now, nearly to the end, perhaps another week. 

The weekend has gone too fast yet again.   Hope you all have had a good one.

My ebook is slowing up, been too busy to write more, but have done some this weekend, on chapter two now.

The weather today, for those in Medway know, but it has been horrible today, has not stopped raining and so dark all day.

Will be taking some pictures of the Maidstone job soon.

This time of year is when I renew my advertising for the year ahead, but it does not get any cheaper, anything from £1600 to £2500 a certain "Local" advertising company want, its the one with the blue cat, well thats way above my budget, so will have to have a rethink.  

Any comments on the advertising would be good.  

See you all soon!!

Great News

My blog has had over 28000 visits in the last 30 days, this is the best, its nice to know people find it helpful.  

Such a following like this is fantastic news, keep coming back to view and add comments.  

The website is doing well with over 36000 visit in the same period, and for a small company this is also great news. 

Visit my blog and site and see why people are viewing it in their thousands.

Thank you for your support.  www.mbgarden.co.uk 

See you all soon!!

This year and Maidstone

Today has been good, the week has been ok, still working at Maidstone, hope to get some pictures done soon.

This time of year has always treated us well, I think its in the planning over the year by some of us.   During this year MB Gardening Landscaping have become even bigger, joined the Bradstone Assured Scheme which has made a huge difference.  Bigger and better schemes coming along, although we have had the smaller jobs too, these help the spaces between get filled. 

Self employment is a tough game to be in, work needs to be rolled in and in frequent movements.   Have been since 1995 so a little used to it.  All taxes paid up, all subscriptions paid up.  Advertising comes at a cost thats the problem, word and mouth is good, but not enough.  

Let the next year be just as good.

This picture is Chatham using Ashbourne paving

See you all soon!!

Maidstone Getting there

Looks like its going to be a bit damp tomorrow, Friday, got some more of the block paving paths done today, the slate chippings colour have been decided, and hopefully the pergola will go up tomorrow.

More sand delivered and cement, weed membrane for the cross paving area, pictures to follow on the cross.   

The garden is really starting to take some form.   All bespoke from a drawing of the customers, with a little alteration here and there to make it work and fit together.

The holidays are not far away now and the year has been good.  As said in a previous post, the shelving has been sorted, thought that I had mislaid a power tool, and found it hiding in the corner, hence the shelves were needed.

See you all soon!!

Shelving Sorted

Been off today, customer was not at home and we were not able to get in, it was all arranged so ok.

Done the shelving in the garage, it now looks sorted and everything has its own space.  So hopefully now will not lose things.  Got the shelving online from BigDug, not bad.

Have some small amounts of paperwork to be done and thats my day off.

See you all soon!!

Mid Year Report

Have updated my website recently, added facebook and twitter feeds to it, so now you can read recent posts on the sites page.  

Patios and Decking have really been the top two products again, with fencing third, artificial lawns fourth, and general hard landscaping last.  

Turnover this year so far has increased slightly, profit is about the same, material costs have increased as usual, and quotations have hit the roof so many done this year, results from Bradstone have been encouraging.

See you all soon!!

Very Busy

Its been a while since I posted, but it has been so busy, orders coming and quotes to send out, two schemes have been finished, both with Rainbow slabs, lovely finish to them both.  

Have also been working on my ebook about the landscaping we do, have done over 4000 words.  So taking shape.

The pictures i have posted on facebook and twitter have been successful in creating some interest.  

Starting a scheme in Maidstone soon, this is a little mixture of small jobs within the garden plot.  

Have been looking and researching some form of shelving for the garage, need to get some items and tools off the ground, they are taking up too much room, plastic seems to be easiest to get, but not sure they will hold the weight.  Saw them at the last job and they are well built.

Keep searching.    Really must get some more of the book done soon, my target is to get it done before Christmas, but it looks like it might be the new year, if thats the case I will trend it towards the Spring.

See you all soon!!

Sounds of Violins

What a hard two day that was, digging out the garden we are in, its only half done.  Imagine digging, by hand because cant get a digger in, an are of some 4.2m x 5m, down to depth starting at 150mm and ending towards the back 900mm, filled one 8yd skip already, another coming tomorrow.  Whew!! 

The ground starts out with soil, no problem, ends with a layer of chalk.  Back braking to say the least.  

I will be so glad to see a concrete base laid, the site will be a lot cleaner and easier to walk on.

I can hear the violins sounding.

See you all soon!! 

The finished rainbow

Hello, finished the Rainbow scheme in strood, but would you believe it starting another in Rochester, same paving, just different sizes, they do look lovely though.

Pointed them with a brush in wet pointing mixture.  

The customer in strood sent me this email ::

"To Peter and Neil,We cannot thank you enough for our lovely garden.We will miss the two of you very much.especially Neils beautiful singing.!!!!! You have been so obliging, nothing has been too much trouble.

    We have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, and are very confident they will be as pleased as we are.

    All the very best to you both, and hope it stops raining (which I might add never stopped you working)   Charlie and Eileen Carter"

the water feature sandstone ball to match the slabs, and the astro turf sets it all off well.  The garden before was tired old slabs that had seen better days, the customer painted them blue, yes blue, to brighten them up, but at the end they said the paving had to go.  Now they have a wonderful garden to sit and relax.

See you all soon!! 

Strood Rainbow

The strood Rainbow scheme is nearly finished, just got the steps to pave and thats it all done.



Quoted for two schemes today, one in Sidcup and the other in Strood, hope to get them both.

See you all soon!!

Rainbow time

Hello its been a while since I have used the blog, technical problems, but am back in a sort of way, the browser is still not working correctly. 
Sunday morning again, the past weeks have been very busy, we have been laying Rainbow indian sandstone, very nice, very smooth and clean edges.
See for yourself.
This type of paving does not some in a patio pack though, however a small amount of cutting now and then soon sorts it out, the results are very striking, it almost looks like wood.
The picture does not show the pointing we have done, will upload one when taken.
Its a weird situation we are in, because this is the first time we have laid this pattern and style, and the next job is also rainbow, the old saying, you wait for ages then two come along. 
Hope my followers of the blog have been having a good time and are well. 
I have been writing my ebook on garden landscaping, and is taking shape. I am thinking it will be priced at around £4 ish.  
See you all soon!!

Sunday PM

I like Sunday afternoons, its the best time for me, just that time when you have had dinner, washing up done and so quiet. Lovely.

What time of the weekend is good for you

See you all soon!!

My week and eBook

This week has been rather taxing in many ways, the start of it was more than the end. 

We are in strood at the moment and getting on well with the scheme, this one is paving and astro turf.

The paving is Indian Sandstone, and the colour is Rainbow, a very striking pattern in the stone, very bright.  The paving is square edged ans smooth, so laying them is easy.

Going to use spacers on this one, and they are to be sealed after laying.

Our customer has said he is pleased so far, which is good.  

My eBook is taking shape, done the first draft of the first chapter.  Its more of an instructional booklet, regarding patios, decking, fencing and general landscaping.

See you all soon!!

Ode to us

Got this from our customer in High Halstow 

"Ode to Mb Gardening Landscaping - Peter and Neil

"Sad to be losing our garden gnomes
Hope they'll soon find homes
Bacon butties were thier stable diet
Mind you thats the only thing that kept Neil quiet
Black coffee for our lactose intolerant boss
Now you've finished we feel the loss
No more banging, no more singing
lots of laughter you were bringing
But we are so very proud
Of our garden, so hear this clear and loud

Thank you Pete, Thank you Neil 

We wish you all the best, its been surreal"

The Weatherly Gang- High Halstow Rochester

Nina & Dave, Alexander and Juliette


Another Sunday, same old thing, looking forward to getting the High Halstow scheme completed.  Pictures will be on their way.

Going to build and lay a small concrete driveway in Chatham on Tuesday.

Must get some paperwork done very soon.   Invoices are up to date thats the main thing.

Have started my ebook, might take about 4 months to write completely, doing a little research to gain more information.  Hoping to get the "forward" done by another expert in the field.

See you all soon!!

Mobile website

My mobile website has been up and running a while now, its user friendly and has all the information the main site has got. 

Give it a try. 

See you all soon!!

Manor Walling by Neil

Its been another good week, Neil has worked hard on the Manor Walling flower beds and surrounding walls.  They look great!! Well done to him.

The customer has said we have realised her dream.  Will get some pictures on Monday as we have just the pointing to do.

This is a picture of the flower beds,
there two of these.  Planting is to be done by our customer.

Copings to match finishes the job.

The slate chippings also give great definition to them.  

The rest of the week as said Neil has been building the wall, whist I have been filling the skip, spreading the slate, mixing up and generally making a nuisance of myself.  

All in all the job has gone really well, as have many others we have done this year.

See you all soon!!   

So Far

Getting jobs these days is hard enough, tough times, but on the other hand we are so much in demand we are turning work away.  

Bradstone have helped us to gain more options in the way we get work.  

For the next two and a half months, we have got work in the pipeline, and to have this much work is very good.  

During the year we have had our usual times of hard graft, and a new "jack the lad" has appeared, see other posts about him, naming the firm is not an option for me but this one has been very bad.

Still we have gained more creditability out of it, so his loss. Starting the job he should have done very soon.

just some of the gardens done this 

See you all soon!!

High Halstow

mm A short but busy week, finished the manor walling curved flower beds, complete with the copings, have laid the curved patio, done some brickwork, laid 75 per cent of the slate chippings, and dug out around 10 tonnes of soil and filled the skip, whew!! The garden is taking shape, laying the ballast base on Monday ready for the main patio to be laid. 

There are two of these built, each 3m long x 900mm wide curved and with copings.

Will take some pictures of the patios when pointed in, Indian sandstone is being used colour of them is Autumn Brown.  

Scotland Voting GB?

Going to see a scheme in Knights Place today, paving and astro turf.  Its been very busy this year for enquirers, so many, I truly believe the country is on the up at last.  

With the voting in Scotland very soon, which I have been told may go either way, not really sure what it might mean to the rest of GB, or in fact there will be a GB after the vote at all.

Take athletics for instance, what will happen to team GB which Scotland are a part of, what will it be called if Scotland go it alone, so many things will change if they do.

Anyway see you all soon!!  

Comment below

Have been on twitter a lot lately, not knowing sometimes what to say or comment about, but the need for saying something.  Like now, have not a clue what to talk about, so I need some help.  Comment below what you are feeling, keep it clean please, but say your thoughts for the day.  Look forward to reading them.

See you all soon!!

High Standard We Are

My four days off are nearly at an end, well thats not including the weekend of course, back to the schemes on monday, but the week has been good so far.

Watching the athletics at the moment, we are doing well.   Saw Mo Farah win last night, we got 1 and 2.  How brilliant that man is.

On the business front we have been busy this year, so many quotes, more than this time last year by far.  I have to give some credit to the Assured Bradstone scheme I am a member of, its really paying off.  Of course we are getting the work done to a high standard and some of the customers agree by given us reviews.

Hope to see you all soon!! 

The Hoo Scheme after a few weeks

Its always great to get reviews for the work we do, and this one is from the Hoo scheme we did recently. This has been recived from the customer.

‘I am absolutely delighted with the result of the garden work done by MB Landscapes. Peter and Neil worked really hard and to a very high standard, I was particularly impressed with their flexible approach as the design evolved during the build and their tolerance of my interference. I would thoroughly recommend their services.’
Regards  James Nunn

As you can see even "daisy" the dog loves it.

The planting and the cobbles in the flower beds were carried out by the customer as agreed, in just a few months time its going to look great.  

We filled the flower beds with an amount of topsoil ready for Mr Nunn and family to plant.

The lawn was Q lawn and is very lush, the paving is Indian sandstone, as are the copings on top of the wall.

Looking good.

See you all soon!!

Cards Pass On

Got some time off this week, have had a lazy day today.  Got a scheme to visit tomorrow though.

Done some filing as well, I know I will get bored, but need to charge the old batteries.

Posting some cards to a customer who we did recently, he is going to pass them on to his friends for me.

See you all soon!!

Stormy day and work

The weather was not as bad here as they said, at least not in Medway, yes it rained very hard and was windy but compared to other parts we got off light.

Going back to Gravesend tomorrow to finish the deck, Neil is on holiday so by myself, we got a lot done so its just securing some of the last deck boards.

The last job we did was good, astro turfing in Rainham

The we did a small deck in Gillingham and got this response from the customer, 

"Hi Peter. Came back from Lincoln to see my Decking that yourself and Neil had done. Absolutely delighted. Thankyou so much. It looks fantastic
Mrs Delaney.(Liam's wife).Many thanks to you and Neil."

Nice to get reports like this. 

See you all soon!!

Vat on a Sunday

Been working on whether to go Vat reg or not, any thoughts, the general trend is to stay small, but on the other hand some have said that it gives you some street cred.  On the other hand it does the quotes higher. 

Extra paperwork involved also.  But if any of you out there are registered let me know your thoughts. 

But its Sunday morning and a nice day ahead weather wise, this for me is the quietest time of the week.  

Wherever you are hope you have a nice day.

See you all soon!! 

Pat on the back

Finished the revamp of the decking in Rochester and got this from the customer:

Jason Mallion-Woods via yahoo.com 18:55 (13 minutes ago)

Hi Peter 
Thank You !!
Came home from work to see how fantastic the decking looks
It's FAB.
Jason and I plan to sit out tonight  for a pre-birthday ( Jason's Birthday on Saturday- we are trying to celebrate a day early and spread the JOY !! ) drink when Connor has gone to bed. We are able to sit in surroundings that are smart, that are stylish and safe !! - thanks to you."

Not forgetting Neil who done all the cutting for the job.  

Nice to get a pat on the back!!

See you all soon!!

A Deck renovation

Today we started a scheme in Rochester, its a garden we did some work earlier this year, so we are back to renovate the old timber deck that was passed its best, many years ago it was laid, but with our modern techniques we are to bring it back to life.

The frame is in good condition considering the age, some additional supports and a couple of new beams, also weed membrane, its all ready for the new deck boards to be laid.

To give you some idea of how old the structure is, the timber used for the frame is 4 x 2, and it is 4 x 2, todays metric timber equivalent is slight less in size. 

See you all soon!! 

The Rainham Scheme

Finished the Rainham scheme, it was to turn an unused patch of nothing into a garden for all the family, especially the children.   The answer a Artificial Lawn.  Lush and green. 

Take Care ME2

I am so glad that I am part of the Bradstone Assured scheme, a scheme in which we are vetted and given a star rating, proud that we are 5 Stars.

I have today visited a customer, who I quoted earlier this year, but at the time lost the work to another company.  

The outcome was that this company took £2000 pounds off the customer, and has done nothing to the garden whatsoever.  For legal reasons I cannot give names, but needless to say this company is a local Medway company in the ME2 area.  They are not a member of any authority, none that we can see, their website no longer works either.  

It gives me such grief to hear that this is going on.  What makes people take other peoples money, I am lost for words.

All I can say be careful and at least get a company that has membership to some authority, like the Approved Installer Bradstone assured scheme.

See you all soon!!


Artificial lawns

I have found a new supplier of artificial grass, received the samples recently, some of them are very lush, the pile of the grass ranges from 25mm to 35mm, very soft and realistic, and at a good price too.  

We have laid around 6 lawns this year so its becoming very popular.

this is the one we did in Chatham recently.

It does make a lovely setting. Contact us for more details.

See you all soon!!

Wigmore all done!!

Had a good week so far, finished the Wigmore scheme, and done a local one day job in chatham, off to rainham tomorrow, my word I do have a wonderful life.  

The wigmore scheme, Bradstone Ashbourne slabs, in patio packs.  These are Antique Cotswold.  Nice slab. 

Customer said, " I am very pleased with the outcome, good to see the paving laid down" A.T.

We used the wet resin mixture to point them, blends in rather well.

As said Rainham tomorrow, this one is artificial turf in the rear garden.

This product is becoming very popular.  www.mbgarden.co.uk 

See you all soon!!

What a show

What a show the storm brought us all, although some may have found it uneasy.  

We are to expect another one tonight Sunday.   Some of the pictures around at the moment are spectacular, I saw one of The Gannett ship in the Chatham Dockyard, that was a great shot, well done to whoever took it.

I am now looking forward to finishing the Wigmore scheme sometime next week, and starting another soon.

Have a great Sunday.

See you all soon!!

Too Hot

This week we started the Wigmore scheme on Wednesday, using Bradstone Ashbourne patio packs, creates a lovely pattern.  

The weather has been so hot, especially today Friday, 32 degrees, the bedding mix was setting very quick.

This type of paving as said creates a nice pattern, using a mixture of 600mm, 300mm and 450mm sizes.  We get some pictures very soon.

Back to the weather though, a while back in the winter months and spring, I said that I was never going to complain about the heat again, but today was so hot, too hot to work, thank goodness for the gazebo.

See you soon!! 

All completed in Hoo

All finished at Hoo, the garden before was just a bank of grass, leading upwards from the house with just a very small new build patio, and a single path to the gate.  

We transformed it into this, the customer has said he is very pleased with it.  

Indian Sandstone Raj Green paving, stock brick wall and a new lawn.  

The lights were put in by the customer himself, Neil the bricklayer just left out a brick in three places ready for the lights to be installed one weekend.

Hope you like!  www.mbgarden.co.uk 

See you all soon!!

Hoo Ramp

Still at Hoo but on the final days.

Just a picture showing the brickwall, copings and the indian sandstone paving.  The top of the ramp is going to be a new lawn.

Wheelbarrow at the ready.

Before the garden was just a grass bank, basically the slope of the ramp, well almost, it was not a family garden as such, because you could not use it to sit, or play.  Now its almost ready for them.


Another Sunday, as said many, many times, Mondays soon come round.  

Still on a good note the job we are on in Hoo is going well.  

On the homeward stretch now.   Watching the tennis at the moment and federer is doing ok.

Hope the weather holds next week.

See you all soon!!